Valerie O’Pry

ADEM Candidate

My name is Valerie O’Pry and I am a native Californian living in Napa County for 23 years. I am a mom to one teen and one tween, and I work in healthcare with patients that suffer from addiction and mental illness. Much of what I do in life is seen through the lens of advocacy to the underserved in our community. I am also a US Army Veteran and am very active in mental health, healthcare, and other issues concerning our veteran population. And yes veterans are also progressives! I wanted to clear up that misnomer.

Although this is my first time running as an Assembly District Candidate, I have been deeply involved in politics for many years as an activist and grassroots organizer. I am the co-founder of Indivisible Napa and work as the liaison to our passionate and committed community of progressive activists. I believe my biggest strength is the ability to work effectively with other people and to work as a team to search for solutions to complex problems. I am deeply committed to listening to the diversity of voices that make up our district and representing those voices to the utmost of my ability.

We face unique challenges in Northern California, with the destruction of our beautiful valley and surrounding areas to wildfire, families displaced, and the lack of affordable housing. I am committed to working on important issues, such as climate and healthcare as a human right. Our current healthcare system has enabled COVID-19 to cripple the most vulnerable because, not only are individuals facing unemployment, but also many have lost their job-related health insurance. Undocumented individuals, who also fill so many of the essential jobs that have kept this area going during COVID, have been especially affected. It is past time to make undocumented individuals full members of the country they call home.

I also believe in a universally well-educated population. California students must have access to quality public education that will prepare them to live, work, and thrive in a multicultural, multilingual, and highly connected world. I believe if we prioritize our education and make it affordable, students are prepared for the future and for good jobs, which is a benefit to everyone.

I am so proud to be a part of the most diverse slate in the district and I humbly ask that you will consider casting your vote for us! We are committed to serving you!