Rachael Fulp-Cooke

ADEM Candidate

Hello California Democrats! My name is Rachael Fulp-Cooke, and I am proud to be a delegate candidate for Assembly District 4 (AD-4). I am a lifelong Democrat and I am committed to the fights for racial, environmental, reproductive and social and economic justice. I am a Democrat because I believe in our party’s principles that prioritize bettering our communities and society; it will be my life’s work to get Democrats elected to local office. As an African American woman, I commend the value our party places on encouraging every day peoples’ views being incorporated into policy and decision-making processes that work for all Californians. It is this core principle – that all voters should have an equal voice – which will allow us to create a democracy that serves us all. The Democratic Party is the entity that foremost supports the work to take care of our most vulnerable community members. Because AD-4 is a rural district, there are many unique needs embedded within, including supporting and providing protections for immigrants, particularly migrant farmworkers. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as a delegate, I will work tirelessly to address the following issues:

1.Ensuring that public health and wellness is prioritized; particularly related to Covid-19.

2.Ensuring that the issues central to rural-living Californians are addressed with the same fervor as other communities.

3.Tackling and addressing systemic racism in our society through a social justice framework.

4.Ensuring that all students have equitable opportunity to achieve and fully closing the achievement gap.

5.Addressing climate change as an imminent threat to our health, communities, and way of life.

6.Addressing poverty and income inequality and the ever-widening opportunity gap.

I believe that party programs should actively engage, educate, and empower voters in all of our diverse communities; including increasing membership and registering people to vote. Party initiatives should work to identify, assist, train, and support democratic candidates, at every level of government, who are dedicated to progressive values that better the lives of all Californians. I want our Democratic Party to be the vehicle to organize for progressive change.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Rachael Fulp-Cooke