Natalie Higley

ADEM Candidate

My community in Lake County is one of the poorest in the state. Generational poverty, racism, sexism, frequent natural disasters, low access to health care, decent-paying jobs, and education make life very difficult for the vast majority of our residents. It is heartbreaking to watch (and experience), which leads to a lot of anger as many of our peoples’ issues can be solved with seemingly simple solutions.

My first elected office was as a 2016 Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I was angry and loud and really did not understand how to achieve what I wanted to do. It was a really eye-opening experience.

I ran in my first ADEMs cycle in 2017, hoping to fight against our electeds to demand what our county needed. Myself and my slate ended up winning with some of the highest vote totals ever had in our district. I discovered that, firstly, none of the solutions are simple. Secondly, you will get twice as far by building coalitions and fighting for issues instead of against people. No singular person is responsible for the state of our government right now, and no singular person can fix it on their own. There’s no point in coming to the table with problems without coming with comprehensive solutions.

This is now my third ADEMs cycle and my third slate. I’ve since gotten heavily involved in the labor movement advocating for project labor agreements, expanding training programs in schools, and fighting for better working conditions and wages. I’m now the Political Director for IBEW Local 551, a delegate to the North Bay Central Labor Council, North Bay Building Trades Council, and the Humboldt Labor Council. In the most recent election cycle, I was also elected as a School Board Trustee determined to fight for safe conditions for teachers and students and reinstating extra-curricular classes. I’ve learned more than I can ever explain in 500 words and I am even more deeply committed to the working class, progressive values that I started with five years ago.

I’m proud to be running with the Rural Progressive Alliance, the most diverse slate in this race with representation across our entire district and a variety of progressive viewpoints.

Respectfully, I ask for your vote for myself and for the Rural Progressive Alliance slate so that we can continue this work and continue learning how to best serve the needs of our communities.