Kelly Hurst

ADEM Candidate

I am Kelly Hurst, a progressive Democrat and I am running as an Assembly District Delegate for AD4.

I am a Napa County Democratic Central Committee Member, Treasurer of the Democrats of Napa Valley, DONV Executive Committee member and Captain for the CADEM 2020 Coordinated Campaign Texting Program, were I helped create, manage and execute the CADEM program that contacted over 2 million voters in California. I helped lead the Democrats of Napa Valley grassroots activists reach over 4 million voters in the 2020 election. I helped run the Napa County Census Committee texting program as well as the NCDCC program for our endorsed candidates.

Becoming an Assembly District Delegate will allow me to continue to work to support our communities and candidates, while working to advance a more progressive agenda. In 2020, Democrats were successful in winning the White House but there is so much more work to be done. We must convince rural voters that our ideas and policies are not radical but practical, without compromising our progressive values and the core principles of the Democratic Party. We need messaging that expands our voting base and creates a stronger democratic coalition. As an Assembly District Delegate, I would like to continue working on the defining issues of our time. We must focus on climate change, racial and social justice, economic equality, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, immigration reform, affordable housing and free access to a public education.

I am proud to be running with the Rural Progressive Alliance and I ask for the privilege of representing you in Assembly District 4.
Thank you.

Kelly Hurst