Jennifer Rindahl

ADEM & EBoard Candidate

My name is Jennifer Rindahl, your current E-Board Representative for AD-4. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you in this role, and I humbly ask for your vote for re-election.

Our District is one of the most progressive rural areas in the entire country. Our voices and ideas need to be reflected at all levels of government and within the Democratic Party, from local, to state to the national level. Our communities have faced enormous challenges these past two years, from massive wildfires, weeks of dangerous air quality, power shut offs that destroyed food supplies and risked people’s health, to a global pandemic made so much worse by the inept federal response.

Even as a vaccine gives us hope for 2021, we must contend with the reality of an opposition party that has no interest in governance or even helping their own people, and has gone so far as to threaten the foundations of our very democracy.

Now more than ever before The California Democratic Party needs to be a national leader and at the forefront in the fights for justice and equity at every level.

With a Democratic Administration, California can make a new push for our own, Medicare-for-All like healthcare system, we can be bolder in our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and implement a state version of the Green New Deal, and we can heed the demands of activists from around the country for police reform, and racial and environmental justice.

The pandemic has increased the power of a few large monopolies and made billionaires richer. We must fight back. As your E-Board representative, I put together a panel on state anti-trust issues for the 2019 State Democratic Convention, and in 2020, I co-authored the successful Resolution to Strengthen Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly Regulation to Protect Our Democracy, Empower Workers and Repair Our Economy.

I have worked in progressive politics for nearly 20 years. I have helped pass hundreds of local ballot measures to fund cities and schools, elect progressive candidates to local office, served as the Director of Advocacy for the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and am currently working to pass a Bill to guarantee Back-up Childcare for working parents.

As a first generation college graduate, I am deeply grateful for my father’s union, the American Postal Workers’ Union. After my father’s death, his union benefits helped my mother keep our home and helped me pay for college. I think it is quite clear that the rise and fall of the middle class directly correlates to the rise and fall of union membership in our country.

As your E-Board Rep, I will work to represent the needs of our local communities, I hope I have earned your vote, and that you will join me and Vote for the RURAL PROGRESSIVE SLATE.