Dave Griffin

ADEM Candidate

My name is Dave Griffin and I’m running for re-election as an ADEM Delegate for District 4.

I am a disabled artist and my priorities are elevating Disability issues and providing equity and access for people with disabilities in the political arena. As well, our artistic communities are suffering from neglect and poverty and need to have a seat at the table.

Universal Health Care is a moral imperative that must be tirelessly fought for until it becomes reality. As someone who is intimately familiar with the mental health crisis in our nation, I have seen first hand how abdicating our responsibilities to our vulnerable populations have created larger problems that strain our judicial, housing, employment, and health care systems. We must do better for those who are suffering and provide them a dignified existence instead of prolonged, senseless agony.

It is critical that we address poverty in the wealthiest nation on earth. Our economy is rigged against most of our population. When money equals speech, those without money are never heard. We must ensure that their issues are represented and voices heard at all levels of the party.

Finally, as an incumbent ADEM and member of the Disability & Rural Caucuses, I’d like to thank those of you who entrusted your votes to me in the last ADEM cycle. Serving Democrat voters in District 4 has been a tremendous honor, a great responsibility, and an education in how our democracy operates and the role the Democratic Party plays in that process.

I look forward to continuing the work I started 2 years ago in building the Communications, Outreach, and Fundraising infrastructure of our local party (AD4 delegates are voting members of 2 County Central Committees).

Thank you for your consideration, your support, and your vote.