Daniel Salgado

ADEM Candidate

My name is Danny Salgado. I grew to understand the value of Labor and labor jobs through my mother. She was a single mother of three young boys and had to find a way to provide for us. Through her work with the Union she was able to provide for us and even get us healthcare. She was able to eventually move us from an apartment into a home that she owned. She’s one of the strongest people I know. I remember very clearly what that struggle was like for her and I want to help others avoid this struggle by strengthening and expanding our Unions.

Labor has been under attack recently and an attack on Labor is an attack on all of us. Through my work with Unite Here I’ve been able to be a part of some serious victories for the working class in our area. I’ve worked at Cache Creek Casino for 13 years. I’ve been on the ground fighting for those workers to ensure that they have safe work environments and fair pay to help support their families as my mother supported ours. I was able to be part of a fight to stop another casino from receiving a 30 million dollar tax break that would not have helped workers or our local economy. I spent 3 years working to help unionize the Graton Casino workers, and also fought to expand OSHA protections to housekeepers and stewards, whose professions are often looked down upon despite that they are the backbone of keeping these Casinos and Hotels functioning. I was also able to aid the fight for SB 17 to limit the price increases on life-saving pharmaceuticals. I am now with AFSCME 3299. I represent UC Davis workers from the main campus to UCD Med Center. I am fighting for Frontline medical workers to have increased worker protections and Covid 19 leave. I fight to make sure they are being provided proper PPE and training when dealing with patient care which keeps us all safe from this deadly virus. I am so proud of my work and wish to expand it within the Democratic Party. I hope to strengthen the influence and protection of Unions and the working class, and to ensure that our Elected Officials are standing along with us. I ask for your vote so that I can continue this work and I ask for your support of the Rural Progressive Alliance so that I may have allies alongside me.